Mission 2 Market is a hyperlocal consulting and marketing company that strives to cultivate and nourish local entrepreneurs from concept to shelf and beyond.

about us

Hyperlocal marketing professionals offering a unique perspective to designing effective and measurable strategies and plans.

our services

Our goal is to create guidance and framework for the new entrepreneur, provide advisement for the mid-level client and develop a springboard for seasoned businesses.

our clients & community

 Intimately tied to the neighborhood and larger community that we serve and in which we live.

M2M in action

We are nontraditional marketers developing traditional metrics to capture your market. 

Co-founders Jackie Zovko and Daniel Thaeler have over 30 years in the food, product and service industries with extensive experience in marketing strategy, merchandising, brand management and relationship building. As former Marketing Team Leaders for Whole Foods Market® in two of the highest grossing stores in the Mid-Atlantic (top ten globally), they have launched a large number of local products to the region. With tremendous enthusiasm, deep passion and interest, they’re excited to share their knowledge to take your Mission 2 Market™.


Mission 2 Market™ blends traditional marketing models with a grassroots, guerilla-marketing practicality. Our strengths leverage each others' and we’re confident those strengths will support, build and deliver positive results. B2B and B2C are our primary target. We offer the following strengths and attributes.

development & management


Program / Project

Concept / Strategy

Product / Service




Marketing and PR

Plan / Strategy

Focus Groups / Market Testing

 Competitive Edge

Promotion / Advertising 

Art Direction

Social Media / Metrics

Public Relations

Sales Brokering / Product Demoing

our methodology

Our methodology is simple. We create lasting partnerships that provide solutions for companies and organizations that have a ‘need’. Our proposals are handcrafted, logical, achievable solutions where we work together every step of the way.

Discovery: Discussion / Research / Field Work

Identify the Need

Develop Action Plan / Time Frame

Offer Deliverables

Propose Steps to the Solution

Add Value

Negotiate and Secure


OUR PARTNERS and community

Nothing is more important than the trust and satisfaction of our clients and partners. We strive to find solutions for our clients and to integrate meaningful and enduring partnerships between them and the local consumers and retailers. Our vision is to support our community, inspire passion through education, involvement and entrepreneurship. We believe in the positive impact of responsible environmental stewardship, and consumer consciousness.

client reviews

"They helped Fruitcycle to enter Whole Foods Market in the best possible position. They understand the market, how to merchandise and offer a unique and effective perspective. Jackie and Daniel know the market, know the community and how to cultivate lasting relationships. Professional, passionate and a delight to work with.

—Elizabeth Bennett, Founder, Fruitcycle

"I will forever love and appreciate Mission 2 Market. Jackie and Daniel are a dynamic team! They provided constructive criticism …walked me through the steps; re-branding, packaging, test groups, product analysis, pricing…Jackie and Daniel believed in me. They took my ideas and turned them into a strong market ready product."

—Stephanie Williams, Owner, Oh-Mazing Snackable Granola

"Jackie and Daniel facilitated our placement in several locations of Whole Foods Market and were a dream to work with! They have extensive knowledge of the grocery business, product design, packaging, and industry trends. They're professional, creative, and fun to work with too."

—Jenna Huntsberger, Owner, Whisked!

“Mission 2 Market helped us identify and build our brand, market, voice, personality, content and even our messaging. Their personal attention and hyperlocal marketing strategy successfully launched ROWViGOR. They communicated our data driven indoor rowing concept to the local community and market; in the right way and in the right direction with benchmarks and deliverables for us to build from. We recommend M2M to any company that wants to establish true roots and true customers.”

—Kevin Allen, Co-Founder ROWVIGOR


We are nontraditional marketers developing traditional metrics to capture your market. 

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